Radioactive (Incomplete)


  • Up – Jump
  • Left – Move Left
  • Right – Move Right


For my first week of the Weekly Game Jam, I took a few days trying to figure out different styles of game that I might be able to create for my first game. This week's theme was "Radioactivity". 

Initially I planned on making a game that involved using controls in a nuclear power plant control room. I looked around at various control room imagery and started playing around with objects in a 3D scene in Unity. I quickly realized that I'd aimed a little too hight for my first game so I took a step back and started playing around with pixel art in PICO-8 

I ended up making a fun little sprite of someone in a hazmat suit and continued to expand on the world for that person without much of an idea of what the actual gameplay might be. Over the next day I created a few more sprites and started to lean towards the idea of someone cleaning up nuclear waste.

This "game" as mostly pieced together in the evenings about an hour before I went to sleep each night, and instead of a cohesive game, it really just became a tool for prototyping various features. Over the week I worked on sprite animation, music composition, character movement, and level design. While I wasn't able to complete this project in time, I'm excited to apply everything I practiced this week to next week's theme.

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