Something is not right on this moon; the surface appears to be collapsing. You need to collect the three missing parts of your ship to leave the moon and return to safety.


Move around the world using the arrow keys.

Use your drones to destroy objects and collect supplies or ship parts. Press X to throw a drone at your current cursor position.

Collect supplies by throwing a drone at a supply crate marked with a "K". Drones will carry supplies to a dematerializer where they will be used to construct another drone.

Recall your drones by holding down X.


  • Up/Down/Left/Right – Move and position cursor
  • X (Tap) – Throw drone at cursor
  • X (Hold) – Recall any bots near cursor


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I liked this version very much. Sweet and short. Definitely getting pikmin vibes. Controls felt very intuitive, although the cursor felt a bit too sensitive when playing on a gamepad. Maybe some sort of auto aim would improve it. Other than that -and the lack of pathfinding towards the cursor (which I know is in the works)- it's a solid gameplay experience overall.

Really nice artstyle and gameplay, especially for a Jam-Game. I specifically liked the aiming, which feels great, and the minimal yet charming bot animation. That tileset is great, the music is very fitting. I enjoyed not having time pressure, it added to the atmosphere.

Thanks for the feedback, specifically around the aiming too. I tried three or four different control schemes for aiming and finally landed on this which feels decent with PICO-8's limited inputs.

Love the Pikmin vibes and the background music. Nice game!